SHARPEN projects professional (64-Bit)

SHARPEN projects professional (64-Bit) 2.23

Pro photo editing tool to add the precise amount of sharpness to your images
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Despite its name, SHARPEN projects professional can do much more for your photo collection than just making your pictures look sharper and crisper. It is capable not only of performing automatic selective processes that will make certain details look sharper while preserving the necessary smoothness and natural touch required for others, but also of letting you enhance your photos manually with a whole set of color, blur, sensor, and white balance correction tools.

Instead of just sharpening the entire image in a linear way, the program’s algorithms and profiles will apply the right amount of sharpness to those elements that do need it, while leaving others untouched. This is what sets SHARPEN projects professional apart from the many sharpening and enhancing tools available in the market. It analyses every picture separately, and by studying each pixel and those around it, decides which elements will be sharpened and to what extent. In the end, it is this combination of different levels of sharpness and smoothness that makes a picture stand out from the rest. Besides, this new version of the program has incorporated a new algorithm that will turn all your blurry pictures into stunningly clear images in a snap, helping you recover those pictures you discarded in the past for not being crisp enough. Known as “Adaptive Multi-scale Deconvolution”, this correction algorithm analyses the closest 100 pixels around each pixel in order to decide the level of sharpness to be applied.

Photo professionals will also love its “Adaptive Gradient Sharpening”, which has been specifically designed to sharpen landscapes, portraits, macro pictures, etc. Portraits come with their own set of profiles, which will sharpen or smoothen each element of the portrait to produce the best effect. You also count with a RAW module with support for camera-specific profiles, which will allow you to “develop” your shots in a lossless way and correct the most common exposure, noise, and color mistakes in one go. You can also correct scratches, sharpen specific objects only, and correct motion blur from sport or animal photographs. You can move up and down the processing history, undo and redo any function, make use of the many keyboard shortcuts provided, and modify your source picture and save it as a new one only when you’re happy with the outcome.

SHARPEN can also be used as a Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Lightroom plug-in, so that you can enjoy its unique sharpening technology inside your favorite editor. Though clearly devised for professionals – novice users may find its plethora of functions and controls a bit overwhelming at first –, the program’s wide range of automated features and profiles makes it suitable for amateurs alike. All in all, a great addition to your digital photo developing tools.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Performs selective sharpening processes based on each photo
  • Manual and automated processes
  • Overall sharpening and enhancing process
  • Split preview to check the results
  • Lossless sharpening tasks


  • Novice users may find customization processes not to be too intuitive
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